Wednesday, June 10, 2009


At excatly what point in our short history the first voice of reason crooned, we may never know.

What is certain is that no one needed a seer to fortell that the road we had chosen as a people would only lead to wailing and gnashing of teeth. And those teeth have been gnashing right across the country for years.

Indeed the first lessons in elementary economics and world trade opens the eye enough for a wise nation to choose another course of action.

Several years after that first warning to take the issues seriously, our nation still continues down the same road with no resolve to right the course of history; protecting with all might possible that which has been appointed to bring us to doom should we choose not to discount it’s value.

Isn’t if funny that rather than propagating policies that will take us forward our leaders busy themselves with sweet nothings. Soothing frayed nerves of a deeply deprived people by sharing out the national cake to self appointed “representatives”.

Whilst serious nations and visionary leaders make develpopment plans that will consolidate there countries positions as an economic hub in the world and put structures in place to ensure actualisation, we continue pouring vast resources at programmes that aren’t seriously meant for progress.

With no conserted effort in place to develop other sources of income apart from our oil earnings, we continue our decent toward economic oblivion, now even more iminent in the face of global realities.

Isn’t it funny that after ‘oil’ these years we remain a monocultural nation?

This piece was first contributed in "The Revolution Magazine, Published Monthly by Renaissance Media, February 2009 edition.


  1. My humble opinion is that Nigeria either needs a revolution (we start all over again because we have missed the plot this time).

    Within the last ten years, has things become better or worse for the common man? Nigerians are currently hoping against hope that God will change things and the churches are helping them pander to such madness.

    Why is it that when Nigerians travel abroad, they are able to build their career and contribute to the economy? What happened to the former EFCC Chairman that was fingering thieves in high places? Do you think that people get to power because of their intellect and ability to rule? Na yam to become president for Nigeria? What happened to the lady of dignity who came to take the post of finance minister?

    Regardless of who is president, the problem will still continue because the few people ruling the country have created a structure for themselves which first needs to be broken down before the country can move forward.

    Ten years time we will still be talking no action if none of my recommendations are taken on board.

    I rest my case!!!!

  2. thoughts are more pessimistic...I feel its a cul-de-sac situation, perhaps 'they' will mistakenly annoint a defiant who will revolutionalize us all some day...perhaps - someone like Fash (Eko o ni baje) maybe more resolute