Saturday, March 6, 2010

This Solemn Resolution

Let it be known
our democratic logjam we resolved
After 79 days of tempestuous drift
We, the people’s people
Having weighed all
The doctrine of necessity Need for peace, security and good governance
In the interest of our nation
And full guidance of our “bosses” past
Signed declaration not minding
To maintain the sanctity of our laws
Without stifling the spirit and intent
Or attending the legality thereof
Not minding obvious mischief and misinformation
Both distortion and ignorance spawn
Our voyage will steadfast drift
Out of this extraordinary time
Having all our resolve and tenacity tried
To a place we long,
our solemn unspoken resolution
That whereas goodness and mercy our follower was
From today hence, Goodluck and Patience shall both replace
So help us God.

Femi Osikoya 11 Feb. 2010

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