Wednesday, May 7, 2014

GEJ Bashing – The New Fun Sport

I like GEJ Bashing.

It's a fun sport. One that’s guaranteed to bring a short soothing relief to the harsh realities that now characterises life in our visionary-leader-challenged nation.

This fast-paced sport is full of moves and unbelievable, almost awe-inspiring vituperations, mostly by the high and mighty, in and around the corridors of power. It would appear to be a game designed to draw otherwise esteemed senior citizens out to a naked dance in the village square. The slight problem is that the field of play, our village square, has in recent years undergone some renovations to bring it to tune with modern times. So doing, our naked king's dance is no more the butt of the village jesters but of global pun and joust. The outcome is a catastrophe of monumental proportions, often expected but still derided. It is the stuff of which Ostriches
are made – head deep in sand, hiding away their shameful pate.

I like GEJ Bashing.

It's like a sport of pin the tail on the donkey.
It’s just that no amount of blindfolding the player saves the donkey from the painful outcome of feeling the pin pushed into its willing backsides. After all, a willing participant has no use for a court of appeal to adjudge the rights of fellow players to engage in the process of a duly organised game.

In this variant of pinning the tail on the donkey, a player may be blindfolded but the handicap is eliminated by vocal prompts from the donkey, guiding the player to its location. Much like a sitting duck. No matter what it does, the pin will always find its target. The game stays the same, yet brings so much unguarded fun and pun
to its adherents.

I like GEJ Bashing.

It is one sport that unifies most of an otherwise divided peoples. That is, apart from some of the hardcore direct beneficiaries and or interest-related hangers-on. The die-hard, hard-nosed, fire and brimstone-touting supporters, who see no evil, hear no evil and talk no evil.

Like most games, it's a game played by two sides. One side strives for the upper hand whilst the other tries to resist or seize the initiative. In real life, a lot rests on whether it's a home or away game. However, in this game, it's almost always an away game played on hostile terrain and in front of a hostile home crowd. The game is lost before it even commences but the war rages on long after. The hapless, forlorn participants in the village meeting have their say, relieve some stress and the game subsides, like the waves of an ocean coming to shore till another match be called.

I like GEJ Bashing.

It's a sport that needs no qualification to play. You may not have the answers but at least you know when a boo-boo has been committed. Then you shout to the highest heavens and the world joins the now almost sonorous chorus.

I like GEJ bashing.

Though played in the village square, you no longer have to make the trip to the village square to take part in it. You can sit in the confines of your home or any confines you confine yourself in, and cast your puns without giving further thought or care to what happens next or without seeking a lasting solution to the national malaise, presenting our people with the position that the devil they know is always a better option. After all, most players in our national game seem to wear the same jersey colours, regardless of affiliation, language or tribe.

GEJ bashing may be trending but seriously, we need to dig deeper and get serious.

Isn't it funny how much time we commit to the mundane without a willingness to contribute to meaningful quests?

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